Aggregate Capacities of 1.5 MMTPA

Our lawyers have negotiated, drafted, and advised on the implementation of a range of rail agreements, including:

Transportation Services Contracts

Transportation services contracts for the transportation and customs transit of crude oil by rail tank cars through CIS states. This included advice on the financing structure options available and the negotiation and drafting of deeds of assurance and guarantees.

Rail Tank Car Leases

Rail tank car leases for over 2,000 rail tank cars. This included advice on structuring the financing options available and due diligence in relation to multi-lateral loans secured on rail tank cars.

An imaginative and committed approach.

Freight Forwarding Contracts

Freight forwarding contracts for the shipment of crude oil, including the negotiation of rail tariffs, the coordination of point-to-point freight forwarding, and the tracking of cargo.

Port Terminal Services Contracts

Port terminal services contracts for the transhipment of crude oil from rail to marine vessels, including the unloading of crude from rail tank cars, the temporary storage of crude, the loading of crude onto marine tankers, the provision of safe berth for marine vessels and the measurement and treatment of crude oil quantities and quality.

The ability to simplify complex problems and focus on the core issue to enable an effective solution to be developed.

Rail Loading Facility Agreements

Rail loading facility agreements, including for the construction of rail loading facilities and for the upgrade of loading capacity. This included facilitating investor approval.

Fair Billing Policy

During the first six months of 2018 we carried out a survey of senior lawyers and general counsels in the oil industry and other industries. As none of these were clients, they were able to be frank.

The level of annoyance with services provided by the law firms was shocking. Most of the grievances boiled down to billing practices - in particular being billed for time that it was felt was unfair to bill for - such as internal law firm briefings, the client educating the firm and the client improving contracts drafted by the firm.

To address these concerns we have implemented an 8-point fair billing policy, under which we do not bill for time spent on these activities. This has been very well received and makes for a much better relationship.

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