We do pro-bono work for small enterprises and start-ups where our expertise in commercial contracts can make a significant difference and the client does not have funds available for first-class legal advice. Below are a few examples of the type of work we have undertaken. If you feel you could benefit from pro bono help, please click on the link below to apply.

We helped a client set up their fashion design and production business, including a key design partnership contract.

Fashion Start-up

We helped a client dissolve their partnership agreement with a financially stronger partner.

Partnership Dissolution

Document services Start-up

We helped a client with the negotiation and drafting of key business terms for the provision of specialised documentation services to law firms and the courts.

Franchise Agreement

We helped a small business negotiate and redraft an intellectual property licensing agreement for its first franchise, where the franchisee was a large multi-national corporation.

Arts Management Agreement

We helped a young musician with the negotiation and drafting of his first management agreement.